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Welcome Message and Rules

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Welcome Message and Rules

Post by iLL Buck Em on Fri Jan 01, 2016 4:16 am

Welcome to iLLogical Gaming! We here at iLLogical Gaming aim to be a top rated Xbox One Gaming Community! Unlike most clans, Our goal is to create a gaming community that everyone can enjoy. Unlike some clans, our goal is not to have the most members, our goal is to have a close group of friends.... No, family, who enjoy gaming with each other and can have a bunch of fun. We want to build a gaming community everyone can enjoy. We also have plans to work towards building a professional team to compete at the next level! We have a bunch of clan events, tournaments, and more! If you are interested in joining, please put in a application on our application forum once you have read the following rules!


1.1 After your application is submitted, a admin will reply to your application with a list of members you will need to add. You will be required to play with as many of these members as possible during the Evaluation (The time in the Evaluation varies based on activity so we can see if you're right for the clan). The Evaluation period will be a minimum of 2 weeks which is mostly based on maturity.

1.2 All applicants wishing to join iLLogical Gaming shall be at least 18 years of age. We prefer members who are 21 or older, but if we fill you're mature and fit in with out clan we will take members who are 18 or older.

1.3 Upon successful completion of the above requirements, your application will be accepted and you will become a full member in iLLogical Gaming.

1.4 New members with the rank of Village Idiot shall not be permitted to apply to a job posting until they are placed into a squad and become a full member of iLLogical Gaming.

1.5 Any applicant who knowingly provides false information on their application shall not be allowed to pass the application process and will be denied.

1.6 All members apart of iLLogical Gaming are required to be active on both our forums and your system of choice. If we feel you do not meet these requirements iLLogical Gaming has the right to deny your application.


2.1 All members of iLLogical Gaming including moderators shall act in a mature manner at all times.

2.2 No member of iLLogical Gaming is allowed to discriminate against another member based on sex, age, race, religion, or sexual orientation

2.3 Members wishing to discuss something of a personal and private nature with a moderator or member of the security staff shall do so by PM, and not by posting in the open forum.

2.4 Important decisions which affect the iLLogical Gaming Clan as whole shall not be made by the moderators alone. As a democratic clan a vote shall be taken to ensure that all members are heard.

2.5 Any member who is caught cheating during online gaming shall be automatically and without warning permanently banned from iLLogical Gaming with any and all rights, rank, and privileges being revoked.

2.6 No member of iLLogical Gaming shall retain membership with any other gaming clan simultaneously. Any member caught retaining membership of another clan or gaming team shall be automatically and without warning permanently banned from iLLogical Gaming with any and all rights, rank, and privileges being revoked.

2.9 Use of the Chat Box is to be considered a privilege and any member who abuses this privilege by violating any of the aforementioned regulations shall be subject to a 24 hour ban from Chat Box, and/or a strike by a moderator.

2.10 No member shall register more than one account on the iLLogical Gaming Forum. Any member caught retaining ownership of more than one account shall be automatically and without warning permanently banned from iLLogical Gaming with any and all rights, rank, and privileges being revoked.

2.11 No member shall duplicate forum content that they ought to have known is already in existence. This means that all members should research the forum for existing content before making a post. A member also shall not post content in an existing post which is off topic, or highjack a post. If a member wishes to inquire about a subject which is already contained in a locked post, then they shall inquire via PM to a Moderator.

2.12 Your username which you created on our site is required to match your primary gamertag. If you need assistance changing your username on our site please contact an admin.

2.13 Always have fun!

3.0 Console and Site Activity

3.1 iLLogical Gaming requires you to be active on both your console and our forums. After your new applicant process is complete, we want our members to still remain active on the site. Though we do not have set guidelines for how active you should be, it will be monitored. If we feel your are not contributing to our forums you will get a warning, if we feel nothing has changed after that you will be removed from the clan.

3.2 We also understand we have members from various age groups so some members are likely to be less active than others due to work and other real life commitments. If you feel you cannot meet some of the site activity requirements but still wish to be apart of iLLogical Gaming, contact an admin and we can discuss the situation.

3.3 All members who plan to be gone for an extended period of time (7 or more days) please post a Leave of Absences.

Punishment for breaking these rules will be decided by the Leader Council.

By joining the clan you automatically agree to uphold these rules for as long as you are with us.

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