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buckaroo Em!

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buckaroo Em!

Post by iLL Buck Em on Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:47 am

Hey guys! buck here, aka Creamy Dream, or ares, or 101+ other names. Figured i would get the intros going. firstly, i still live in Kentucky, I'm 22, and still going to college at the University of Louisville. Only got one more year left before i graduate. Working at UPS about to get promoted to supervisor soon hopefully. Not much has changed with me, i'm engaged now, and no its not to larry sadly enough. The main games i play right now are League of Legends on PC (add me: Big Butt Bandit), CoD:AW, BF: Hardline and Smite on Xbox. I also play evolve, dragonballz, and destiny sometimes. Glad we are all getting back together to give this another shot and glad so many of you put your faith in us to get it going again. Can't wait to get back at it with you guys!!

If you don't already have me added my gamertag is Buckaroo Em

iLL Buck Em

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Re: buckaroo Em!

Post by iLL LeroY on Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:50 am

I'll be the one that shows up at your wedding and objects to it lol.

iLL LeroY

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